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Berriman Flat Roofing Services…

Fatra Flat Roofing

Fatra is a waterproofing membrane that is designed for both flat and pitch roofs whether the building is public residential, industrial, administrative, sports or agricultural Fatra can provide the waterproofing solution. Depending on the membrane type Fatra roofing membrane may be installed on all common substrates suitable for all kind of roofs. Ventilated and non-ventilated roofs. Single ply above insulation roof pitched or flat roofs, taraffic or non-traffic roofs. Fatra waterproofing membrane has three methods of fixing 1) Fastened 2) Adhered 3) Ballested (gravel or garden roof). Fatra waterproofing membranes have provided outstanding results for life expectancy environment impact quality management and fire resistance. Each of Fatras waterproofing membranes has a design life without maintenance of excess of 30 years. Each membrane has a minimum impact on the environment and the best performance. All Factras can be recycled at the end of their useful life. The main advantages to using Fatra membrane includes all components, excellent weather resistant, structural strength and resistance, easy maintenance, very good chemical resistance and long life span. High water vapour permeability and environmentally friendly and excellent weldability.


Icopal Flat Roofing

Icopal membranes are typically installed by a clean welding process with no application of hazardous chemicals. Bitumen roofing membranes based on Icopal grooves technology use 25% less gas and allows up to 30% faster application than the traditional touch-on membranes. Icopal’s core business is waterproofing systems with particular focus on membranes but also related building and roofing materials. Single ply roofing systems are able to meet highly challenging design briefs delivering excellent thermal insulation and air tight construction thereby reducing a buildings carbon footprint while making sure the performance – critical roof membranes continue to deliver high quality protection.



Alumasc Flat Roofing

Alumasc is the commercial and industrial distributor for single ply roofing systems in England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. With over decades of a solid reputation as the producer of high-end VAE synthetic roofing which the durability has proven itself in practise. This technology is based on the unique mix of copolymers the acrylic polymers being chemically bonded to the vinyl structure. This molecular combination of vinyl with acrylic polymers results in a highly flexible and stable rubber copolymer.